Company Profile

TZM Solutions is a security infrastructure firm with it’s headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya specializing in high technology access control. Established in 2014 as an extension of the Agusto Investments Limited based in Nigeria to provide security solutions across East and Southern Africa supporting multi-sector industries.

TZM Solutions is in partnership with SAIMA Sicurrezza and maintains exclusive rights to distribution of Saima products across East Africa. Other partners include; Rapiscan, Roteck, Turnstar, Flow systems, Chubb security safes, National safes, Mutual safes and Armour safes.

TZM Solutions offers security solutions to a wide variety of institutions across a number of sectors. Some of the customers include banks, shopping malls, airports, stadiums and any other publicly accessed buildings with particular focus on companies operating in a complex and difficult environment.

Access doors, security booths, safes, vault doors, metal detectors, CCTV, biometric readers, turnstiles, x-ray scanners, explosives detectors and motorized sliding doors are some of the products we supply.

Why Choose Us?

TZM Solutions is managed by professionals drawn from a range of private sector backgrounds with significant experience across America, Europe, West, East and Southern Africa – Tino Makoni / Dr Nathaniel Makoni / Harrisat Agusto / Zainnab Makele.

Each member of our team is dedicated to giving you exactly what you need and they utilize their experience across Africa and the world to help keep your business, venue and employees secure .

We live by the motto that your security is our security and will take all steps to meet your needs.